Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

It was an honor to write about where Norman W. Long is from and his journey into sound art and back to Chicago. It’s a great story about the twin deaths of the American Dream and effective unionism, classism and racism, and possibilities he is creating and recording for both personal and environmental healing in a post-industrial society nearing the brink of collapse.

My goal as a music journalist is to tell stories which are valuable and meaningful additions to your life, that reveal something about yourself and everyone else, our society and our world…that make you think and connect with what something is about, regardless of whether or not the music is your cup of tea. Another goal is not to alienate you with technical terms or comparisons to artists you don’t know which retain zero meaning for you as a result. I think this is what makes me so good at writing about experimental music in a way that is actually enjoyable and accessible to read. And I also believe this article is a great example of this at work. ❤

This is just phase one of my Rust Belt Working Class Tirade in Music Journalism. Phase two is another Lifetime Achievement coming soon, on no one other than Mark Edwards of My Dad is Dead and Secular Joy. Cleveland against the world!!!!



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