Credentials Feature Finally Live

It has literally been five months since I first heard the advance of this record and knew I had to write about it. Kicking off my second year of music journalism, here is a band which represents the converging of sounds, scenes, and individuals previously segregated for the last quarter century in DIY music in my second hometown of Milwaukee, WI. They made my favorite album of 2021, so if you haven’t heard it, I encourage you to get caught up ASAP.

If you are here for this DEEP RUST BELT CONTENT, then strap in, because soon we are going to Chicago AND Cleveland for similarly fascinating tales of the sonic and socioeconomic landscape of the Midwest. In the first six weeks of 2022, I am writing about every place I am from and of, and I am dead set on assuring the reissue of the entire My Dad is Dead discography.

More soon!


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