The Sonic Family Tree of Chicago’s je’raf

I think I broke my brain writing about this band, but the good news is that my brain only broke in order to reform as a bigger, better brain and I may even be able to do fractional math now. Please get acquainted with my favorite band in Chicago, je'raf, who are in my opinion… Continue reading The Sonic Family Tree of Chicago’s je’raf

Winter 2022//recorded syntax

This mixtape was crafted for my friend and elder whom I am very grateful for in the field of music journalism, Marc Masters. It was interesting to make a winter mixtape for Marc, because he had just officially graduated from winter and moved to Arizona. I was really excited to make a tape for him,… Continue reading Winter 2022//recorded syntax

Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

It was an honor to write about where Norman W. Long is from and his journey into sound art and back to Chicago. It's a great story about the twin deaths of the American Dream and effective unionism, classism and racism, and possibilities he is creating and recording for both personal and environmental healing in… Continue reading Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

WFMU Broadcast on 90s Boston Gets an Encore

Following my article on the 90s Boston independent rock scene, I was invited by the WFMU music director to do a radio broadcast extension of the article. The experience was wonderful for everyone who participated! Multiple musicians from 90s Boston have told me the work I am doing is reconnecting people, igniting memories, and helping… Continue reading WFMU Broadcast on 90s Boston Gets an Encore

Book Review: Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways to Listen in an Age of Musical Plenty by Ben Ratliff

The plus side is that I did not buy this book. The downside is I have to hold onto it and inevitably see it until quarantine is over since the Chicago Public Library is closed until May 31st currently. Add this one to the fat stack of music books getting all of the attention they… Continue reading Book Review: Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways to Listen in an Age of Musical Plenty by Ben Ratliff