Lifeguard’s Crowd Can Talk AOTD

I've been following Lifeguard for about a year and a half now and it's so exciting to watch them take off! It's an honor to play a supportive role in their success in any capacity. They're on tour right now, and if it's possible for you to see them live, you absolutely must. Read more… Continue reading Lifeguard’s Crowd Can Talk AOTD

Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

It was an honor to write about where Norman W. Long is from and his journey into sound art and back to Chicago. It's a great story about the twin deaths of the American Dream and effective unionism, classism and racism, and possibilities he is creating and recording for both personal and environmental healing in… Continue reading Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

Interview: Lifeguard

I am here to inform everyone that Lifeguard are the greatest teenaged rock band since Squirrel Bait. Their new 7" drops tomorrow through Chunklet Industries and has already sold out, because they rip way too hard for a run of only fifty. From left to right: Asher Case, Kai Slater, and Isaac Lowenstein. EMD: Tell… Continue reading Interview: Lifeguard

Music Review: Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East

Angel Bat Dawid, one of the most interesting musicians in the country right now, brings us a special bundle including the book about running a DIY venue in London which inspired the music and a broadsheet screed connecting that text to these songs and Chicago's own history of DIY spaces on the south side where… Continue reading Music Review: Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East

Music Review: Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble // “Stay Beautiful”

"We see you. We love you. Stay beautiful." Remember when Donald Trump became president of the United States? Do you recall the immediate sense of impending doom and panic? I remember going to therapy and talking about how I was so shocked and so uncertain of what to do in response, saying all I had… Continue reading Music Review: Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble // “Stay Beautiful”

Music Review: Jeff Parker – Suite for Max Brown (International Anthem/Nonesuch, January 2020)

There is a lot to love about this record, but my current favorite thing about it is that it asks me to pay attention to women twice: Jeff Parker's mother, Max(ine) Brown, who the album is dedicated to and who graces its cover, as well as his daughter, Ruby Parker, who sings on the opening… Continue reading Music Review: Jeff Parker – Suite for Max Brown (International Anthem/Nonesuch, January 2020)

Music Review: FACS – Void Moments (Trouble in Mind, March 2020)

Hex Storm happened to be in the room that goes best with this record cover. She also has not been featured here yet, which is ridiculous, because she is clearly one of the most gorgeous and intelligent living creatures any of us have ever seen. My good friend, Victor, took me to see FACS at… Continue reading Music Review: FACS – Void Moments (Trouble in Mind, March 2020)

Music Review: Zelienople – Hold You Up (Miasmah, March 2020)

Something about this person’s posture communicates this record quite well. Moving through, not quickly or assuredly, feeling and observing the heaviness of our collective situation, but holding together for one another. There has been so much incredible music in this insane year so far, and a lot of it perfectly soundtracks the times we are… Continue reading Music Review: Zelienople – Hold You Up (Miasmah, March 2020)

Sonic Rorschach: Dance Music as Collage and Its Dancing Subjectivities

Preface: I originally published this on the Hugo Ball Chicago website in January of 2015, when I was actively working in service of the Motherbeat with them, as the Resident Glue Sniffer and Hannah Hoch of Chicago Dance Music. It has been revised to reflect preferred gender pronouns which have evolved over time, as we… Continue reading Sonic Rorschach: Dance Music as Collage and Its Dancing Subjectivities