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EMD stands for Erin Margaret Day. She writes primarily about music with specific attention to how it connects to our lives and our struggles and what it communicates about our cultures and our histories. Her writing is an extension of her work as a participant in DIY music scenes and as an anti-oppressive educator and activist; it is deeply informed by knowledge gleaned from those efforts.  She has lived in the industrial Rust Belt of the United States her whole life, and is currently working on a book about how her home region of Northeast Ohio modernized rock music in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Her work as a writer and broadcaster can be found in The Wire, Bandcamp Daily, Brilliant Corners, Hugo Ball Chicago, Cleveland Review of Books, and on WFMU and Echobox Radio. Recently, she wrote the catalog essay for the Norman W. Long solo exhibition Calumet in Dub at the Glass Curtain Gallery of Columbia College Chicago. She is currently focused on an oral history of crucial Cleveland record stores, which you’ll be able to read in the fall issue of Maggot Brain.

She posts a lot of her thoughts and actions in the process of making, hearing, and responding to music and writing on social media, so if you want to know, experience, engage, or impact this work as it is in progress, you can do that on Insta and Twitter. Lastly, subscribe to the Substack to receive occasional e-mails which inform you of what she is up to outside of the endless time-suck of the social media scroll. Her curriculum vitae for the metaverse is located here if you want “clips.” Send all inquiries to