Please contact me anytime for any reason at all–if you would like to pose meaningful questions, thank me for all the free labor I do on behalf of musical culture, talk to me about my ideas, tell me my writing reminds you of many of the greatest writers ever, or literally whatever. I’m not really well-known enough to have specifications or boundaries around communication as a writer. I also don’t feel motivated to write without an audience I actually engage with. Any responses at all to my writing make me feel like a “real music journalist,” especially when they are obviously spiteful members of bands whose asses I have held to the fire of the truth lashing out from fake email accounts. Send me stuff for any reason at all:

I post a lot of my thoughts and actions in the process of making, hearing, and responding to music on social media, so if you want to know, experience, engage, or impact this work as it is in progress, you can do that on Insta and Twitter. I also have a channel on you can subscribe to and follow my compilations of sounds. Lastly, subscribe to my Substack to receive e-mails which remind you to pay attention to me.