New Salem Witch Hunters Kept Garage Rock Regional and Obscure

I put the Land on the Bandcamp front page again, talking about the self-titled debut album by Cleveland garage rock institution, New Salem Witch Hunters. Crank that shit. Sorry, not sorry, WMMS!!!!

It’s also about how it’s really challenging for bands to try to exist in Cleveland, which seems to be a central force in the development of so much truly unique music there. Check it out! I also name drop lots of other total rippers from the Land like the Wild Giraffes, the Clocks, and the Pagans. (You’re gonna wanna illegally download Everybody Hates You by the Pagans immediately; your only alternative is to stream it on YouTube or order a CD from Germany for way too much money until I find them and convince them to get on Bandcamp, and I don’t want any of you getting in an accident trying to get the little time orb on the YouTube video perfectly situated right before the bass intro on “Eyes of Satan,” (4:22 btw) a song you’re going to want to listen to on repeat, for a good, long time.)

Enjoy, and more soon, as I’m getting on the road a bunch in the next month to start meeting with legends of Northeast Ohio rock music….


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