Fall 2022//no autumn leaves

Concluding the second year of my Seasonal Mixtape Series, it's finally here: fall 2022//no autumn leaves. You may notice this sounds a lot better than every other tape in the series so far; that is because I switched to a double cassette set format in order to still bring you a thrilling two hour narrative… Continue reading Fall 2022//no autumn leaves

New Salem Witch Hunters Kept Garage Rock Regional and Obscure

I put the Land on the Bandcamp front page again, talking about the self-titled debut album by Cleveland garage rock institution, New Salem Witch Hunters. Crank that shit. Sorry, not sorry, WMMS!!!! It’s also about how it’s really challenging for bands to try to exist in Cleveland, which seems to be a central force in… Continue reading New Salem Witch Hunters Kept Garage Rock Regional and Obscure