Reflective Essay in Black Eyes 20th Anniversary Archival Zine

I knew 2023 was going to be the greatest year of my life so far when I began to hear whispers of a Black Eyes reunion last fall. The band decided to put together an archival zine for the occasion and asked me to contribute a reflective essay about the era and why Black Eyes were such an important, if brief, incandescent blast. I’m really glad more people have an opportunity to see them live and encounter their music and I’m deeply honored that one of the tippy-top most important bands to my development as a person wanted me to contribute to this document. The zine also features an oral history of the DC scene they were part of by Chris Richards, interviews by the band members with other bands they played with most frequently, reflections from the artists who made their cover art, archival photos, and contributions from their friends. The zine comes with a download code for newly uploaded archival recordings of the band, as well!


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