Norman W. Long’s Calumet in Dub Catalog Essay

The catalog for Norman W. Long’s Calumet in Dub solo exhibition at the Glass Curtain Gallery of Columbia College Chicago has been released! It features a catalog essay I wrote. I’m really grateful to everyone who made this exhibit happen and I’m honored to have been asked to participate. I opened up 2022 with a Lifetime Achievement article on Norman and it was a beautiful, full-circle thing to close the year and my time living in Chicago with this gorgeous exhibition in a prestigious space on a main drag of the South Loop. I am especially grateful to Norman for trusting me with his work, Cecilia Vargas for her support with the essay, and to Allen Moore and Aquarius Aquarius for the beautiful closing performance.

This is the first time I have had a bio published in print, so let’s see that real quick:


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