Music Review: Clear Channel – Hell (Self-released, April 2020)

My life and house are a mess right now, but I am committed to writing about as much music before Juneteenth Bandcamp Revenue Share Day as possible, so here it rips... Clear Channel actually welcome you to their first record themselves. This is what they say: So, yes, then. Hello Disko! As I mentioned… Continue reading Music Review: Clear Channel – Hell (Self-released, April 2020)

Book Review: Murmur by J. Niimi

The book and the enormous list of vocabulary words I amassed reading it. Note: As an educator, nothing bothers me more than a rating system or rubric that is not clearly explained. Fair and well-crafted assessments are important. Justify your grades, fam. I use a scale of fifteen points, which are evenly divided between the… Continue reading Book Review: Murmur by J. Niimi