Seasonal Mixtape Series Featured on Made You a Tape

This feature is focused on the relationship between the mixtape maker and the mixtape’s recipient. Here is my old friend Sevan holding the tape I made for them last fall.

My Seasonal Mixtape Series was featured on the Made You a Tape blog run by Sarah Grady in DC. I am the most proud of making a mixtape that an old friend I love very deeply feels truly seen and understood by and creating a mixtape series that has awakened a lot of interest in the communication and connection made possible through this important and valuable art form!!! (I am, in fact, booked through fall of next year with seasonal mixtapes and already planning another Mercury Retrograde mini-series sanity project for late August through mid-October called WEATHER RADIO. I’ve decided these more fast and casual captures of one day retrograde tapes make great studies for the seasonal tapes and it’s really great for me emotionally to have lots of people to share my emotional and sonic world with regularly in this way.) I’m proud of all the work I have been putting into this and how it is becoming meaningful, supportive, and instructive for others.

Having said all that, I am definitely also really proud to be featured on a mixtape blog which has also featured Ian MacKaye!!!

Actually, Marc Masters sent me that post (“A Letter is a Vote For the Future“) after I had already agreed to do this project with Sarah Grady, and it has really deeply informed the work I was already doing since. I highly recommend checking that one out, also! It brings me to tears each time I even think about it.


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