Summer 2021//sweet and low

I make all of my mixtape art with pages from the New Yorker. This is above and away my favorite and has best captured the vibe of the tape's sonic world so far in my seasonal mixtape adventures. Note: I used to keep a journal, many journals annually, and then at some point I decided… Continue reading Summer 2021//sweet and low

Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: May 2021

Yes, yes y'all. It is Bandcamp Friday. Perhaps the last one ever? Make it count, I guess. A lot of wonderful music this month! Here we go... Springtime Kisses by Matt Christensen I just subscribed to Matt's Bandcamp community, which is so much amazing music for only $12/year--including access to his whole back catalog, which… Continue reading Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: May 2021