Atlantic Rhythms Label Guide on Bandcamp

Hello! Today is my mother's 62nd birthday, and I am hoping she feels like almost thirty-four years worth of extremely hard, mostly single motherhood amounted to something with my first longer piece for Bandcamp. Atlantic Rhythms releases have been one of the greatest forces in my survival of quarantine, so I wanted it to be… Continue reading Atlantic Rhythms Label Guide on Bandcamp

Music Review: Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East

Angel Bat Dawid, one of the most interesting musicians in the country right now, brings us a special bundle including the book about running a DIY venue in London which inspired the music and a broadsheet screed connecting that text to these songs and Chicago's own history of DIY spaces on the south side where… Continue reading Music Review: Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East

Music Review: Little Simz – Drop 6 (AGE: 101, May 2020)

Little Simz set out to conquer quarantine inertia with music and made some of most candid and expressive songs I have heard in a long time. I spent a lot of my undergraduate career trying to get English professors to let me write about music. Once I even dropped out when my very thoughtful proposal… Continue reading Music Review: Little Simz – Drop 6 (AGE: 101, May 2020)

Music Review: Blacks’ Myths – I (Atlantic Rhythms, Reissue, 2020) & II (Atlantic Rhythms, 2019)

This tape is the first tape I have wound by hand after it got gnarled up in the tape deck in DECADES. I also bought a dual cassette deck and pure tube amplifier just to listen to this! As a result, I now collect tapes again and I am also going to be making my… Continue reading Music Review: Blacks’ Myths – I (Atlantic Rhythms, Reissue, 2020) & II (Atlantic Rhythms, 2019)

B A N D C A M P D A Y ! ! ! ! ! !

Please support Black liberation by directly supporting Black artists, many of whom are giving the support immediately to the movement. Please see pinned tweet on my Twitter page for my recommendations. Full reviews of all records discussed coming soon (before Juneteenth!). Please also check out other folks' recommendations and use this opportunity to put money… Continue reading B A N D C A M P D A Y ! ! ! ! ! !