Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: May 2021

Yes, yes y'all. It is Bandcamp Friday. Perhaps the last one ever? Make it count, I guess. A lot of wonderful music this month! Here we go... Springtime Kisses by Matt Christensen I just subscribed to Matt's Bandcamp community, which is so much amazing music for only $12/year--including access to his whole back catalog, which… Continue reading Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: May 2021

Atlantic Rhythms Label Guide on Bandcamp

Hello! Today is my mother's 62nd birthday, and I am hoping she feels like almost thirty-four years worth of extremely hard, mostly single motherhood amounted to something with my first longer piece for Bandcamp. Atlantic Rhythms releases have been one of the greatest forces in my survival of quarantine, so I wanted it to be… Continue reading Atlantic Rhythms Label Guide on Bandcamp