Spring 2021//knocking on doors, condensing mysteries

For once, and entirely unintentionally, I have actually only included songs which are all streaming on one platform, so I was able to make this into a playlist for anyone to hear without digitizing it this time. It is available on both Currents.FM and Apple Music. Might still digitize later, so you can hear which… Continue reading Spring 2021//knocking on doors, condensing mysteries

Interview: Lifeguard

I am here to inform everyone that Lifeguard are the greatest teenaged rock band since Squirrel Bait. Their new 7" drops tomorrow through Chunklet Industries and has already sold out, because they rip way too hard for a run of only fifty. From left to right: Asher Case, Kai Slater, and Isaac Lowenstein. EMD: Tell… Continue reading Interview: Lifeguard

Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: March 2021

What an incredible month for music!!! Let's go, let's gooooooooooo... Jackson Ryland – A Million Questions A natural field comes to life vividly to show us how it works. Matchess – Huizkol By the end of this, everything is pulsing and flowing in me. Sankara Future Dub Resurgence - S/T A dub portal from ancestral… Continue reading Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: March 2021