Kyle Kidd’s Soothsayer AOTD

It was my honor to be trusted with writing up this must-listen solo debut from Kyle Kidd on American Dreams Records, and it is my joy that Kyle feels so seen and honored by it. I'm glad all the time I spent dancing with the bubbles in the the bath to it paid off. Check out the album… Continue reading Kyle Kidd’s Soothsayer AOTD

Sonic Rorschach: Dance Music as Collage and Its Dancing Subjectivities

Preface: I originally published this on the Hugo Ball Chicago website in January of 2015, when I was actively working in service of the Motherbeat with them, as the Resident Glue Sniffer and Hannah Hoch of Chicago Dance Music. It has been revised to reflect preferred gender pronouns which have evolved over time, as we… Continue reading Sonic Rorschach: Dance Music as Collage and Its Dancing Subjectivities