Winter 2022//recorded syntax

This mixtape was crafted for my friend and elder whom I am very grateful for in the field of music journalism, Marc Masters. It was interesting to make a winter mixtape for Marc, because he had just officially graduated from winter and moved to Arizona. I was really excited to make a tape for him,… Continue reading Winter 2022//recorded syntax

Spring 2021//knocking on doors, condensing mysteries

For once, and entirely unintentionally, I have actually only included songs which are all streaming on one platform, so I was able to make this into a playlist for anyone to hear without digitizing it this time. It is available on both Currents.FM and Apple Music. Might still digitize later, so you can hear which… Continue reading Spring 2021//knocking on doors, condensing mysteries

Music Review: FACS – Void Moments (Trouble in Mind, March 2020)

Hex Storm happened to be in the room that goes best with this record cover. She also has not been featured here yet, which is ridiculous, because she is clearly one of the most gorgeous and intelligent living creatures any of us have ever seen. My good friend, Victor, took me to see FACS at… Continue reading Music Review: FACS – Void Moments (Trouble in Mind, March 2020)

feel like snakes twisting through quarantine//spring 2020 Made a paper tracklist totally unnecessarily, but soon I will have an operational dual cassette deck again. Here is a mix for a springtime in quarantine. Equal parts classics and that new new. I have decided that all my mixes of 2020 will begin with criminally underrated Liliput songs.......... I am working to get… Continue reading feel like snakes twisting through quarantine//spring 2020