Winter 2022//recorded syntax

This mixtape was crafted for my friend and elder whom I am very grateful for in the field of music journalism, Marc Masters. It was interesting to make a winter mixtape for Marc, because he had just officially graduated from winter and moved to Arizona. I was really excited to make a tape for him,… Continue reading Winter 2022//recorded syntax

Fall 2021//purify, and then; collide

I am honored and excited to close out 2021 with a mixtape I made for one of my oldest friends. (You should be able to both stream and download it through Currents.FM--please let me know if it is not working, but you can also just straight download it right here.) I have had to wait… Continue reading Fall 2021//purify, and then; collide

Summer 2021//sweet and low

I make all of my mixtape art with pages from the New Yorker. This is above and away my favorite and has best captured the vibe of the tape's sonic world so far in my seasonal mixtape adventures. Note: I used to keep a journal, many journals annually, and then at some point I decided… Continue reading Summer 2021//sweet and low

Zine Review: Is a Dream a Lie If It Don’t Come True?: Becoming Bruce Springsteen by ak

Catboi Kropotkin apologizes for tearing into this zine moments before it was photographed. I promise I kept it positioned safely between the legs of an elegant bird statue until it was time to read it. As much as possible in my own writing about music, I try to avoid comparisons to other artists and describing… Continue reading Zine Review: Is a Dream a Lie If It Don’t Come True?: Becoming Bruce Springsteen by ak