Bush Tetras Box Set Feature

This week, I got to see my first feature for Bandcamp go live! I was honored to be selected to write about the Bush Tetras box set and even more honored to get to describe my hometown of Cleveland accurately as an "art punk mecca" feeding directly into the NYC scene in the late 70s… Continue reading Bush Tetras Box Set Feature

Black Eyes Essay in Brilliant Corners 1.1

Honored to be featured in the first issue of the first volume of the new music publication, Brilliant Corners, and excited to have a place to write things in the first person for a change! It's a very personal essay on one of my favorite albums, the Black Eyes S/T. It's also about trauma &… Continue reading Black Eyes Essay in Brilliant Corners 1.1

Music Review: Shopping – All or Nothing (Fatcat, February 2020)

Initially, Lucy Parsons II was not being compliant in the music & pets photo shoot. I thought this record could also be captured well with Glisten the Slutty Reign Deer (they/them), but then Yung Luce decided she wanted to be in it after all. Shopping only came to my attention last year, but this year's… Continue reading Music Review: Shopping – All or Nothing (Fatcat, February 2020)

Music Review: Clear Channel – Hell (Self-released, April 2020)

My life and house are a mess right now, but I am committed to writing about as much music before Juneteenth Bandcamp Revenue Share Day as possible, so here it rips... Clear Channel actually welcome you to their first record themselves. This is what they say: https://youtu.be/ydcV6tosVo4 So, yes, then. Hello Disko! As I mentioned… Continue reading Music Review: Clear Channel – Hell (Self-released, April 2020)