March Tape Label Report

March was a great month, specifically because I got to write about my simultaneously cursed and blessed hometown of Cleveland twice leading up to my birthday, which is also always very much a celebration of the place I was born and spent the first thirteen years of my life. Fellow Aries Clevelander, Ben Baker-Billington, invited… Continue reading March Tape Label Report

Winter 2022//recorded syntax

This mixtape was crafted for my friend and elder whom I am very grateful for in the field of music journalism, Marc Masters. It was interesting to make a winter mixtape for Marc, because he had just officially graduated from winter and moved to Arizona. I was really excited to make a tape for him,… Continue reading Winter 2022//recorded syntax

Mark Edwards Lifetime Achievement

It pleases me to announce that my Mark Edwards Lifetime Achievement article finally hit the Bandcamp front page, that it has Cleveland in the headline and the byline, and that many people since its publication have reached out to let me know how much they enjoyed both the article and the city of Cleveland getting its due and its… Continue reading Mark Edwards Lifetime Achievement

Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

It was an honor to write about where Norman W. Long is from and his journey into sound art and back to Chicago. It's a great story about the twin deaths of the American Dream and effective unionism, classism and racism, and possibilities he is creating and recording for both personal and environmental healing in… Continue reading Norman W. Long Lifetime Achievement

Musical Haiku Essay on the Theme of Snow and Consciousness

Currently, my favorite thing about the snow is that my dog loves it, and her favorite thing is when I make her a snowball, throw it, and it dissipates into the rest of the snow as it lands: a Very Good Puppy Mystery, and also a way I am teaching her about being-in-the-world and consciousness. I am… Continue reading Musical Haiku Essay on the Theme of Snow and Consciousness

WFMU Broadcast on 90s Boston Gets an Encore

Following my article on the 90s Boston independent rock scene, I was invited by the WFMU music director to do a radio broadcast extension of the article. The experience was wonderful for everyone who participated! Multiple musicians from 90s Boston have told me the work I am doing is reconnecting people, igniting memories, and helping… Continue reading WFMU Broadcast on 90s Boston Gets an Encore

Longform Editions Curates Digital Galleries for Listening

My latest for Bandcamp dropped this week, a label profile on Longform Editions, a series run by two people who have been in and around the music industry a long time and possess a lot of the most refreshing, compelling, and modern ideas for contemporary music engagement I am aware of. Check it out! ©… Continue reading Longform Editions Curates Digital Galleries for Listening