Dinzu Artefacts in September Tape Label Report

I wrote up this rad label in LA called Dinzu Artefacts for September's Tape Label Report. I highlighted a release from Slow Bell Trio, which features Mike Weis, who I am presently also writing a Lifetime Achievement article on. The other highlighted release is from a duo called Neti-Neti. Check it out! © COME AWAY… Continue reading Dinzu Artefacts in September Tape Label Report

Tape Label Report, July 2022

For July's TLR I wrote about two fascinating tape labels--Orb Tapes out of central Pennsylvania and Tymbal Tapes out of Lincoln, Nebraska--both of which are extremely thoughtful and well-curated labels run by people who are passionate listeners and devoted workers in DIY music culture. Definitely check it out if you are down for some truly… Continue reading Tape Label Report, July 2022

Dubbed Tapes in April Tape Label Report

For the April Tape Label Report, I covered Dubbed Tapes, a New Zealand label who utilize a method they call "erase and replace" to dub over boring and tired canonical sounds on thrifted tapes to distribute sounds by the artists they work with--heavy on the queer, trans, and femme noisemakers. You can read about it… Continue reading Dubbed Tapes in April Tape Label Report