Fall 2022//no autumn leaves

Concluding the second year of my Seasonal Mixtape Series, it's finally here: fall 2022//no autumn leaves. You may notice this sounds a lot better than every other tape in the series so far; that is because I switched to a double cassette set format in order to still bring you a thrilling two hour narrative… Continue reading Fall 2022//no autumn leaves

Weather Radio: A Mercury Retrograde Sanity Mixtape Series

This time around, all Mercury retrograde mixtapes began as studies for my fall 2022 seasonal mixtape. Starting each one with "Weather Radio" was abandoned as I moved to a new format of high bias 60 minute tapes and wanted to try out drafts of equal length sides. (The first two tapes were 90 min normal… Continue reading Weather Radio: A Mercury Retrograde Sanity Mixtape Series

Summer 2022//thief of fire

Lindsey Loberg is one of my best and oldest friends. They did not have a tape player, but I bought them a refurbished Walkman to listen to this tape, which they love. I struggled a lot in the process of creating this tape. There were many different tapes used and discarded in the throes of… Continue reading Summer 2022//thief of fire