Guest Essayist for Norman W. Long’s “Calumet in Dub” Solo Exhibit

As some of you may know, one of my career goals is to adjunct college without ever stepping a single foot inside of graduate school. So, I am pleased to announce what could only be the beginning of my journey to being a Guest Lecturer, with the arrival of an incredible solo exhibit from Norman… Continue reading Guest Essayist for Norman W. Long’s “Calumet in Dub” Solo Exhibit

Weather Radio: A Mercury Retrograde Sanity Mixtape Series

This time around, all Mercury retrograde mixtapes began as studies for my fall 2022 seasonal mixtape. Starting each one with "Weather Radio" was abandoned as I moved to a new format of high bias 60 minute tapes and wanted to try out drafts of equal length sides. (The first two tapes were 90 min normal… Continue reading Weather Radio: A Mercury Retrograde Sanity Mixtape Series

Dinzu Artefacts in September Tape Label Report

I wrote up this rad label in LA called Dinzu Artefacts for September's Tape Label Report. I highlighted a release from Slow Bell Trio, which features Mike Weis, who I am presently also writing a Lifetime Achievement article on. The other highlighted release is from a duo called Neti-Neti. Check it out! © COME AWAY… Continue reading Dinzu Artefacts in September Tape Label Report

Omnivore’s “Rounds” Bends Circuits and Fears About Female Agency

It was an honor to write about why Omnivore's Rounds is such a hidden gem. This record has been a favorite for the past decade since it was released, but for some reason it pulled me back in hard this year, and I noticed when I would play songs from it for others that they… Continue reading Omnivore’s “Rounds” Bends Circuits and Fears About Female Agency

The Cup, the Dream, and the Tin Can: Kicking Out Half a Century With David Thomas

Here it finally is! I worked on this for about two months. It's the opening act of the work I am doing on the book the world needs about how Northeast Ohio modernized rock music and played an enormous role in shaping the last half-century of culture in America. Anton Fier's departure from this realm… Continue reading The Cup, the Dream, and the Tin Can: Kicking Out Half a Century With David Thomas

Summer 2022//thief of fire

Lindsey Loberg is one of my best and oldest friends. They did not have a tape player, but I bought them a refurbished Walkman to listen to this tape, which they love. I struggled a lot in the process of creating this tape. There were many different tapes used and discarded in the throes of… Continue reading Summer 2022//thief of fire

Cheri Knight’s American Rituals AOTD

I am so very pleased that I finally got to publish the phrase "Heather Lewis's heartfelt a capella rippers." This is a favorite of the year and a record that is a really interesting document of a lot of different threads in American music converging at the same time--check it out!  © COME AWAY WITH… Continue reading Cheri Knight’s American Rituals AOTD

Lifeguard’s Crowd Can Talk AOTD

I've been following Lifeguard for about a year and a half now and it's so exciting to watch them take off! It's an honor to play a supportive role in their success in any capacity. They're on tour right now, and if it's possible for you to see them live, you absolutely must. Read more… Continue reading Lifeguard’s Crowd Can Talk AOTD

Kyle Kidd’s Soothsayer AOTD

It was my honor to be trusted with writing up this must-listen solo debut from Kyle Kidd on American Dreams Records, and it is my joy that Kyle feels so seen and honored by it. I'm glad all the time I spent dancing with the bubbles in the the bath to it paid off. Check out the album… Continue reading Kyle Kidd’s Soothsayer AOTD

Tape Label Report, July 2022

For July's TLR I wrote about two fascinating tape labels--Orb Tapes out of central Pennsylvania and Tymbal Tapes out of Lincoln, Nebraska--both of which are extremely thoughtful and well-curated labels run by people who are passionate listeners and devoted workers in DIY music culture. Definitely check it out if you are down for some truly… Continue reading Tape Label Report, July 2022