Weather Radio: A Mercury Retrograde Sanity Mixtape Series

This time around, all Mercury retrograde mixtapes began as studies for my fall 2022 seasonal mixtape. Starting each one with “Weather Radio” was abandoned as I moved to a new format of high bias 60 minute tapes and wanted to try out drafts of equal length sides. (The first two tapes were 90 min normal bias tapes, so I had more space to play around and just see how different tunes sounded going in and out of one another.) Starting with “Weather Radio” again was returned to once the fall tape was done and those tapes just capture where I was at or what I wanted to share with that recipient (if I know them).

Tapes for Elee and Lila Cie are for my twin niblings’ 14th birthday and are studies of great rhythm parts on the instruments each of them plays, one percussion tape and one bass tape. My tape deck was giving me hell in the beginning of this series and stopped recording nicely about halfway through, so I got an incredible vintage 80s Marantz unit, hereafter to be referred to exclusively as “Joe Granville,” because I wanna be rich like him, but this vintage tape deck is the closest thing to a classic car I will ever be able to afford. (That’s a Tripod Jimmie reference! I’m in the Tripod Jimmie season of my life.) I’m still troubleshooting this new deck, but I’m happy with it on the whole. It has pre-amps, so I can work on tapes later at night.

I’m very glad this retrograde is over and I’m ready to hit the road writing the book the world needs on how Cleveland modernized rock music after I finish up just a few more things.

Weather Radio, Vol. I – 8.31.22 – for Jen Powers

Weather Radio, Vol. II – 9.1.22 – for Kat Tuttle

Weather Radio, Vol. III – 9.2.22 – for Michael Raftery

Weather Radio, Vol. IV – 9.4.22 – for Thom Cosgrove

Weather Radio, Vol. V – 9.4.22 – for John Meaux

Weather Radio, Vol. VI – 9.6.22 – for Amanda Haswell

Weather Radio, Vol. VII – 9.8.22 – for Matt Clements

Weather Radio, Vol. VIII – 9.17.22 – for Matt Popham

Weather Radio, Vol. IX – 9.18.22 – for Aoife Mary McEneaney

Weather Radio, Vol. X – 9.20.22 – for Jordan Laks

Weather Report, Vol. XI – 9.24.2022 – for Thee John Morrison

Weather Radio, Vol. XII – 9.26.22 – for Chris Jude

Weather Radio, Vol. XIII – 10.5.22 – for Anthony Childs

Weather Radio, Vol. XIV – 10.10.22 – for Lila Cie

Weather Radio, Vol. XV – 10.15.22 – for Elee Cie

Thank you to everyone who participated in Weather Radio. I currently have ten spots still open for the next series, which has yet to be named and will be happening between December 12th and February 23rd. Hit up that contact page if you’d like to receive a tape!


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