The Cup, the Dream, and the Tin Can: Kicking Out Half a Century With David Thomas

Here it finally is! I worked on this for about two months. It’s the opening act of the work I am doing on the book the world needs about how Northeast Ohio modernized rock music and played an enormous role in shaping the last half-century of culture in America. Anton Fier’s departure from this realm the day before this went live has lit an enormous fire under my ass to talk to everyone from this regional scene while they are still here, as Fier was actually the youngest person on that list. I’m out here finding everyone and getting them on board while finishing up the rest of the writing I already had commissioned. The theme song to the book research is now “Forces at Work” by the Feelies. While tomorrow is always another day, it’s never guaranteed who will still be here. The line-up of the living changes every day.

Eternal gratitude to David Thomas and Kiersty Boon for making this possible and getting the ball rolling on this work.


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