Interdimensional Transmissions Explores Electronic Music’s Outer Limits

It was my honor to finally profile one of the most important labels and event promoters in contemporary music culture: Interdimensional Transmissions. Please check out all of the work they have done to keep proper underground dance music thriving in its home territories and to bring many sides of genre together for immersive events which combat the dominant cultural plan for how music should be used and controlled. All of these people are tremendously hardworking geniuses and it is very worth your time.

Me in the “techno rock” shirt bequeathed to me by Detroit rave legend and IT mascot, Sarah Vidosh, who had this to say on publication day: “I know you’re going to techno rock it until it falls off. I almost had a pang, because I switched up my silhouette and know how to wear it now, but you are the most techno rock babe I have ever met. Sincerely. I no lie thought about that shirt way earlier this morning. That’s when the pang came and went with the wind. So it’s cosmic and yours.”


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