Dog Faced Hermans Mixtape for Modern Soul Records

Following my article on Dog Faced Hermans for Bandcamp, Modern Soul Records asked me to make a playlist for their site.

For this mix, I could have just selected tracks from genres and artists I knew were influential to the Hermans, but I remembered guitarist Andy Moor saying that the band was inspired more by individual songs than whole genres or artist discographies; I was certain the best way to do this was to ask the band for specific songs they took inspiration from. Fortunately for all of us, Moor and drummer Wilf Plum indulged my request.

This mixtape exists to tell the story of Dog Faced Hermans–from the song that inspired their first band, Volunteer Slavery, to the bands they influenced in the United States at the turn of the century. I selected an equal amount of tracks from lists submitted to me by Moor and Plum, one tune they both asked for, and I added the “Volunteer Slavery” intro for narrative effect and selected all of the DFH tracks and the songs from Erase Errata and Black Eyes, bands that were important to me growing up in the aughts that were heavily influenced by the Hermans. While my programming of the tracks is certainly part of the success of this mix, the incredible tunes suggested by Moor and Plum are really its greatest wealth–it’s difficult to not deeply enjoy listening to these tunes, probably in whatever order they occur!

There is also an interview with me which has been described as “fire” by people who enjoy listening to me not be able to shut up. Since it is printed, you can read my ideas without being subjected to my total inability to discuss things I am passionate about at a reasonable volume. I have been told to stop apologizing for such a “fire” interview and that people who love me also love my “loud, passionate, singsong voice.” Obviously, I have not done this yet, but I am considering it for the future.

Turn this all the way up!!!!!!!!!!!


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