My Dad is Dead Exemplifies Cleveland’s Punk Spirit

It pleases me to announce that my Mark Edwards Lifetime Achievement article finally hit the Bandcamp front page, that it has Cleveland in the headline and the byline, and that many people since its publication have reached out to let me know how much they enjoyed both the article and the city of Cleveland getting its due and its day on Bandcamp dot com.

A major goal for this article was to bring all honor due to my birthplace, its absolutely incredible sonic legacy, and its insistent perseverance in the face of endless struggle. Another major goal of this article for me was to spur a My Dad is Dead reissue campaign. When I wrote Mark to wish him a joyous publishing day, I mentioned that I wasn’t getting the DADGAD/CPA ROK top and bottom knuckle tattoos idea I had while researching this article unless they repress another record; his response was to call up my favorite tattoo artist. The sun came out in the overcast sky the moment it published and shone for a few hours before yet another snowstorm took over for the evening, and I appreciated the poetry of it all.

This article also got me invited on the CrossFade podcast, where the host and I will each pick a favorite record to share with the other person and discuss. I am excited about this because it focuses on my favorite aspect of engagement with music–sharing it with others, discussing how it has shaped us or impacted our consciousness–but also because Matt Sweeney has appeared on this podcast, which means after I also appear that I will be one degree removed from Will Oldham, which will ALSO MEAN I am a measly two degrees removed from KELLY REICHARDT, who makes absolutely fantastic films focused on the complexity of the mundane in working peoples’ lives.

More Cleveland coming soon in the March Tape Label Report!

In celebration of my birthday coming up in the next week, here is what I looked like when My Dad is Dead’s Peace, Love, and Murder was released into the same simultaneously cursed and blessed city limits as me in June of 1987.


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