WFMU Broadcast on 90s Boston Gets an Encore

Following my article on the 90s Boston independent rock scene, I was invited by the WFMU music director to do a radio broadcast extension of the article. The experience was wonderful for everyone who participated! Multiple musicians from 90s Boston have told me the work I am doing is reconnecting people, igniting memories, and helping people process difficult things. Multiple listeners have told me I should write a book. The work keeps expanding, so I guess I will: there is a demand, which is ultimately the number one thing you have to be able to show a publisher.

The second radio broadcast extension of 95 is Nothing Without You: Connecting the Dots of 90s Indie Rock in Boston airs 1/9 5-6pm EST on WFMU program Radio Row again, and this time I will be focusing specifically on two things which are both unique and widely overlooked about the 90s Boston scene: its role in the early development of the sound which came to be known as “math rock” and how Boston was a pretty singularly empowering scene for women in that era, light years ahead of the rest of the nation, with no real need for something like the riot grrl movement.

Please join us–the last broadcast was such a blast, I got so many of the musicians and participants to be in the chat with us. Many people have described it as something that cheered them up and kept them warm all week. 


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