November Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku

Hello! I took some time off from doing this. These haiku reviews were composed over the past few months and include stuff I saved in a draft of recommendations for September Bandcamp Day that I never published. If you only listen to one thing on this list, please make it the first thing, which is the album of the year from where I sit and listen. My favorite thing about this month’s list is that it highlights incredible new work from many of my oldest and closest friends from my years organizing and performing at DIY music events of very different kinds. It seems like shit is really coming together as it is falling apart and we are taking over the world.

Credentials – Why is my arm not a lilac tree? (Orb Tapes)

“We are not here to just grow corn, but to grow gods.”

And Milwaukee takes

Album of the Year, as well

as the NBA.

Note: My first feature of 2022 will be about this album and how it tells the story of the last quarter century in Milwaukee DIY music and is perhaps its highest culmination yet.

Fuubutsushi Good Sky Day (Longform Editions)

I enthusiastically encourage subscribing to Longform Editions on Bandcamp. It is very inexpensive and extremely worthwhile. Label profile on them coming soon to Bandcamp dot com if you need further evidence and support for these claims.

Highly recommend

that you turn this on when you

need a good sky day.

Yvette Janine Jackson – Test Flight No. 1 (Longform Editions)

A gradual launch

of archival work through time,

space–into present.

Angel Bat Dawid – Harkening Etudes (Longform Editions)

Proving her strength as

a truly conceptual

modern composer.

Midori Hirano – Improvisations for Piano in Summer 2018 (Longform Editions)

This piece is the most

responsible for bringing

me back to music.

Note: This week. (Syllables!!!!)

Lori Scacco – The Order of Things (Longform Editions)

“Everything in Its

Right Place” if it had: movement,

emotion, beauty.

Note: And communicated its meaning extraordinarily well without language. (SYLLABLES!!!!)

Luke Stewart – Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet (Astral Spirits)

In short, Luke Stewart

is central to me coming

back to “the Music.

Note: I also love the way Luke Stewart talks about music as “the Music.” Relatedly, I am writing about his Blacks’ Myths duo with Warren “Trae” Crudup III in the next issue of Brilliant Corners, dropping early 2022, which is focused on avant garde jazz. The two Blacks’ Myths albums were recently reissued as a tape set by Atlantic Rhythms, which I also enthusiastically recommend.

Mary Lattimore – Collected Pieces II (Ghostly International)

None communicates

the still, quiet beauty of

the winter greater.

Herbert – Musca (Accidental)

For some reason it

is no longer a big deal

when new Herbert drops.

Note: I am here to tell you we need to revert to the previous standard, which was LOTS OF EXCITEMENT ABOUT NEW HERBERT RELEASES.

ANOTHER NOTE: This haiku is a reworking of a tweet by Ahmad Zaghal, but it got me to listen to the new Herbert record, so I think the important thing to note here is that it works to get people to listen, and now I am not plagiarizing, because you know who originated this train of thought around the fact that no one cares enough about new Herbert records these days!!!!

Eris Drew – Quivering in Time (T4T LUV NRG)

Featuring center collage by sold, one of the greatest collage artists (and DJs!) of all time.

On her first full length,

Mom proves she rocks way more than

just the turntables.

Topdown Dialectic Vol. 3 (Peak Oil)

Contemplative and

searching tunes for this cold and

monochrome morning.

Patrick Shiroishi – Hidemi (American Dreams)

Transcendent trio

or quartet, but Shiroishi

is every member.

Daniel Wyche – Earthwork (American Dreams)

The exact length of

my dinner making process:

universal mandate.

Astrid Sonne – outside of your lifetime (Escho)

Captivating and

calming, the precise music

I need to hear now.

Emily Jane Powers – Isometry (self-released)

What a pleasure to get back into contact with EJP through my Fred Thomas article. We used to share bills and organize events at houses and other alternative spaces together in the mid-aughts.

She is electric,

experimental, and at

the top of her game.

Jessamine The Long Arm of Coincidence (Kranky)

Noisy, dissonant,

brooding!!! Full of scorching heat

and refined dischord.

Damiana – Vines  (Hausu Mountain)

I maintain my stance:

everything Whitney Johnson

touches is sacred.

Norman W. Long – Black Brown Gray Green (Hausu Mountain)

“Listening is a

journey,” he once told me: this

one’s recommended!

Brett Naucke (with Whitney Johnson and Natalie Chami) – Mirror Ensemble  (American Dreams)

This one has brought all

of the animals to quite

rapt attention here.

Walt McClements – A Hole in the Fence (American Dreams)

Every sound captures

the exact point where pleasure

and pain intersect.

Gold Cage – Social Crutch  (felte)

felte specializes

in music I expect to

find boring, but love.

Gardener – I Am Here For A Moment  (Trouble in Mind)

Listen first thing in the

morning if you’re trying to

have a gracious day.

Derek Monypeny – Unjust Intonation  (Trouble in Mind)

What I imagine

planetary rotation

would sound like up close.

Note: Like if you could get your ear to the exact place the motion is occurring! If there was a sound and you could hear it close to the source!

Patrick Shiroishi and Camila Nebbia – The Human Being as a Fragile Article (Trouble in Mind)

Strong cinematic

vibes, like a very creepy

Fantasia of noise.

Grouper – Shade  (Kranky)

For the last decade,

she has brought me back to the

shore of listening.

Note: More often than any other composer, Grouper helps me hear music again when I feel tired of everything, sick of it all, incapable of finding in music what I usually do that helps me locate beauty, meaning, or even just resonance in the world and survive. I am very grateful for this and for this new record performing this work again for me after so many years!


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