’95 is Nothing Without You: Connecting the Dots of 90s Indie Rock in Boston

At the end of last year, I talked a bunch of shit about Boston online. As a result, I discovered its many great 90s bands and was encouraged by Leah Callahan of Turkish Delight and Betwixt to work more seriously at being a music writer, because “the world needs more truly working class artists”–a statement I could not disagree with or ignore. As we begin to close out this year, it is my joyous honor to share with you all my Formal Apology to Boston, my Official Debut as the Pete Frame of the Unsung Heroes of DIY, and the most work I have done as an Official Music Journalist to date.

Within hours of it being published, I was offered an hour guest slot on WFMU to share music from this time and place and more of the information I gathered from first-hand accounts of seventeen people from the scene that I could not fit into such a short article! It also means I can include music I could not include in the Bandcamp article that I really want to share, like Victory at Sea, Wicked Farleys, Helium and Spore. Darryl Blood from Turkish Delight sent me a file of all these obscure 7″s from the era this week when the piece was already deep in the editing process, so who knows what you might hear in the WFMU presentation! That is live on WFMU’s guest slot freeform show, Radio Row, December 5th between 5 and 6 pm EST.

I am definitely considering opening the show with “Mystery Achievement” by my Pretenders, just so everyone knows that a lil’ Cleveland rock and roll ragamuffin girl is infiltrating the east coast airwaves for the first time…to tell them about themselves!!!!

Stay tuned ❤ American Dreams label profile coming to the Bandcamp front page tomorrow, so keep those eyes peeled for that, as well.


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