August Bandcamp Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku

Well, I will definitely cop to being very behind on promos this Bandcamp Day! Don’t assume I didn’t like it if it is not in here; most of these are records I reviewed in LATE JUNE. I will get caught up very soon!

Cloud Juice by Gretchen Korsmo

The early morning

ambient medicine for

my listless bullshit.

Hush Harbor Mixtape, Vol. 1: Doxology by Angel Bat Dawid

A psychedelic

and spiritual journey

through Black history.

Matthew Crowe/Marsha Fisher Split by Matthew Crowe/Marsha Fisher

Dense forests of sound:

chaotic, harrowing, wild

lead to a clearing.

Dothe by Rachel Langlais

Pianos rarely

drive me so far, wide, with might–


In My Dreams I’m There by Devin Shaffer

A perfect title:

lush dreams open up space for

presence and desire.

Stoner Lake in G by Nathan McLaughlin

All of life, passing

through consciousness, mirrored

in water, motion.

Urban Driftwood by Yasmin Williams

Today: drifting songs

which capture the reflection

of life in water.

Constant Green by Matt Christensen

Matt’s compositions

never fail to make me feel

less alone in life.

Hakanai by Carlos Ferreira

Songs for transience:

the beauty of the spaces

we move through, their flight.

Note: If you like this, please check out this article on Japanese Environmental Music. This tape is also available on limited edition cassette from Histamine Tapes.

Eghass Malan by Les Filles de Illighadad

Shout out to Ana Gavrilovska, who brought this group to my attention with their excellent article on them in Maggot Brain.

Transports me! I want

to be in the desert, too:

clapping and singing.

S/T by Les Filles de Illighadad

Women’s traditions

in this nomadic desert

community soar.

Note: Recorded live “in the open air studio of the desert,” where this music is traditionally performed.

At Pioneer Works by Les Filles de Illighadad

Really cool to see this music making its way to a cultural center in Brooklyn! Drops July 9th!


The best thing about

village music is that life

becomes music. Here


evidenced by the

mortar and pestle employed

as a working drum.

Fields of Yarrow by Robert Eggplant

I look forward to

conjuring the ambience

of storms whenever.

Live in Stuttgart 1975 by CAN

CAN make it quite clear

they are the only jam band

for an EMD.

Lonesome Valley by Tomu

Dreamlike ambient

softening the world’s edges

and slowing us down.

Strange Fortune by Powers/Rolin Duo

Something sacred is

being revealed; motion in

stillness, entangled.

S/T by The Haskels

Milwaukee produced

one of the greatest early

punk bands in the world.

Sentimiento Mundial by Mint Field

Opening, shifting

commanding and lush, defies

limits, expectations.

Damballah by Dr. Pete Larson and His Cytoxic Nyatiti Band

Lyre-based psych improv

from some long-running sonic


Don’t Stay Too Long by Jessamine

This is the greatest

sex record, in all of my

vast, endless research.

Some Boots by Karate

Introducing: the

world’s sexiest emo jazz!!!

“Those incrediblllllle––“


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