Full Spectrum Label Profile

Hello! This is just to note that my latest for Bandcamp dropped yesterday afternoon. I researched and wrote the whole thing in the middle of a crisis move, so I am particularly proud of how it turned out given the circumstances. Many people are in agreement that I am uniquely talented at making experimental music accessible to people who do not already know much about it, so let me be your guide, if this is the case! I think there are a few contributing factors to this:

  1. I am still “new” to experimental music myself.
  2. Being an inner city public school teacher for all ages and levels of ability forced me to really learn how to communicate in a way that would get through to all kinds of people, often having to break down big concepts skillfully, so that comprehension was maximized, but meaning was not lost. Preschool was an especially intense crash course in this!
  3. My friend, Rosy Petri–a writer, artist, and organizer in my second hometown of Milwaukee, WI–once told me that when she is writing or speaking, she always thinks about whether her father, who was a Black man from a rural area who did not receive a lot of formal education, would understand what she is saying. She does not allow communication that prohibits understanding in favor of showing off. Understanding is the point of communication and she helped me realize that.

I am very grateful to Bandcamp, especially my editors, for giving me this space to spill ink on a label so worthy of our time and attention, but also for being the most delicate trimmers of my often flowery writing! I hope you all enjoy it.

Summer mixtape being digitized soon for your listening pleasure and many haiku reviews being composed every morning, when I start my days in my beautiful new apartment by listening to music for hours in the sun.




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