Juneteenth Bandcamp Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku

Today is Juneteenth Day and Bandcamp is donating its share of profits to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund again. While I would love to specifically focus on listening to Black artists and highlighting them this Juneteenth, I just got done with a very stressful and exhausting crisis move and had to write my latest article for Bandcamp (dropping soon!) in the midst of it, so I just have not had the time. Music listed here is just what I have been listening to or able to pick up lately.

I would ALWAYS like to encourage you to increase your attention to all of the wonderful music brought to us and pioneered by Black folks in the States and also recommend this great article my friend, Peter J. Woods, shared with me in discussion of how “experimental music” is made inaccessible in so many ways via discourse and cultural capital. The good news is that we were talking about that because my editor told me I am uniquely talented at making experimental music accessible to folks who are not already deeply immersed in that world, which means I am meeting my goal of making music writing interesting to people who wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy it, more generally! It has been noted by others that it is an especially difficult feat to do this with experimental music, though, so I am just sharing some of my pride and joy with you in relation to this. I spend a lot of time thinking about the fact that I have always loved music and writing, but rarely loved music writing! I also spend a lot of time thinking about how people can love music so much and perform music quite well and have very developed thoughts about it without understanding anything technical or theoretical about it all! I am one of those people…and I write for us. πŸ™‚

I hope you find something in here to enjoy.

Open Up the Window and Leave Your Body by The Mind

This dream pop is both

weird and noisy enough for

my firm approval!

Haram by Armand Hammer & the Alchemist

One of this year’s best

remains available for

a limited time!!!!!

Brass by Moor Mother & billy woods

One of last year’s best

is reissued: limited

edition cassette.

Pere Ubu: The Scrapbook (1975-1982) by Communex

Cleveland rock girl is

pleased to have received with a

postcard from Robert.

Jackie Shane: Any Other Way by Jackie Shane

Not new to the world or to me, but I finally bought it on wax, because I have loved it so much for so long. Really needs to be heard this way for maximum effect! Very empowering and joy-bringing into the space of my move to a new apartment. Jackie Shane insists on happiness.

Most victorious

soundtrack to a poor girl who’s

moving up in the world.

Songs of Light by Shirley Ann Lee

This is the official album of my incredible new apartment, where I will be very happy and where “I shall not be moved!!!!”

When the gospel is

Very Good, it is the best

music in the world.

Arrangements by Lucy Liyou and CC Sorensen

Two brief but haunting,

moving, and beautiful sides:

extended replay.

Sweet Tree by Matt Christensen

Matt’s emotive force

transcends words; he speaks so much

with just his guitar.

Constant Green by Matt Christensen

Two promising tunes

indicate the songs dropping

soon will be lovely.

The Void by Sauna Youth

Real punk bands do not

release ALBUMS, but comps of

all their 45s.

(And cassettes!!!! SYLLABLES)

When the Pawn by HXXS

Noisy punk takes on

Fiona Apple are pulled

direct from my dreams.

(Also a free download!!! No excuuuuuses!!!)

Mayahuel by SÁVILA

A gorgeous collab

capturing the sacred place

which is Oaxaca.

(Please read the Album of the Day by the wonderful Maria Barrios.)

Lovesick: A Discography CD by Lovesick

This begins the Fred Thomas section of my recommendations list. I have been listening to lots of music he worked on as a musician or on the production side for my Lifetime Achievement article on him dropping next month on Bandcamp.com!

Biking around to

these tunes today, I wish I

had them in the aughts.

S/T by Idle Ray

Beautiful, heartfelt

songs for dancing in the sun

with friends, memories.

Messes by Stef Chura

This is what I wish

Angel Olsen sounded like!

Saddle Creek exists?*

*should really say “still exists?” but SYLLABLES!!!

S/T by XV

Very noisy punk

with sick bass freakiness, quite

rude– for total brats!

Another Song About Riding the Bus (Selected Songs 2002​-​2020) by Fred Thomas

A real gift to those

given the enormous task

of condensing him. πŸ˜‰

Note: I am condensing him for a Lifetime Achievement article on Bandcamp.com.

For When the Future Rolls Around (Selected Songs, 2012​-​2017) by Two White Cranes

She tricked me into

enjoying a song by Blink

182, fam!

Sing Wide (Selected Songs 2002-2019) by Little Wings

Funny to recall

how K briefly made me a

teenage hippie-punk.


Your Most Secret Name (Selected Songs 2008-2011) by Twig Palace

My favorite tracks

on this one are deep, groovy,

soulful, and so bright!

New Long Leg by Drycleaning

Every aspect

is entirely sick; can’t wait

to see them rip live.

(Vocalist reminds me of Anne Clark!!! If you aren’t sure how you feel about this record, start at the beginning of the catalog.)

Sweet Princess EP by Drycleaning

Going mad, with all

these sexy bass lines throbbing

against my shoulder!

(Shout out to the JBL Clip 3, which helps a noise sensitive girl surround herself in a safety bubble of tunes each day.)

Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks EP by Drycleaning

This is the EP

from Drycleaning for the folks

who wish she’d sing more!

Spill EP by Cusp

Began listening to this one in the process of moving to an apartment where I can be very happy after many years of endless housing crises.

I would like to get

to know myself under this

great new circumstance!!!

Cloud of Thought by Sallow

Shout out to Peter J. Woods for the heads up on this heaaaaat from Nashville!!!

Sweltering morning

reminder: post-hardcore bands

with women are BEST.

(Should really say “criminally underrated and often among the very best!!!” SYLLABLES!!! This is available as a free download!!! No excuses!!!!!)

Flatland Mystic by Aura Gaze

Precise drones capture

the stillness and drifting sands

of Lubbock, Texas.

Live in Stuttgart 1975 by CAN

No words until I

grab my copy at Tone Deaf

and say ‘hi’ to Bill!

If you do not find anything to love there (???), you can also peep my reccos from February, March, April, and May!


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