Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: May 2021

Yes, yes y’all. It is Bandcamp Friday. Perhaps the last one ever? Make it count, I guess. A lot of wonderful music this month! Here we go…

Springtime Kisses by Matt Christensen

I just subscribed to Matt’s Bandcamp community, which is so much amazing music for only $12/year–including access to his whole back catalog, which is vast and wildly good. He is immensely prolific! I have so much great music to listen to now and I highly recommend subscribing.

Wet April morning:

gorgeous, supple synth support

for a slow, soft launch.

Spells by Matt Christensen

One of Chicago’s

very best voices is quite

palpable on here.

Forest Floor Body Parts by Matt Christensen

Quiet, dark power,

increased volume: ideal for

this overcast day.

NOW by Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble

A lot of kicking

and twirling in the kitchen

all morning on loop.

When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time: African-American Gospel, 1939-51 by Canary Records

What you need much more

this fine Sunday morning than

more “post-punk” posers!!!

Greg Belson’s Divine Funk: Rare American Gospel Soul and Funk by Cultures of Soul


convinced the troubles of the

world are nearly done.

Habibi Funk 016: Fine Anyway by Rogér Fakhr

In swift but perfect

turns: folky, funky, jazzy–

in a living heat.

(As opposed to a “dead heat”: the sounds are not in competition with one another, but work together organically.)

Saved & Sanctified: Songs of the Jade Label by Various Artists

Deep in my dreams, we

all have a crown, rejoicing

amongst each other.

Greg Belson’s Divine Disco – American Gospel Disco 1974 – 1984 by Cultures of Soul

If music’s your church,

the dance floor your salvation

then this is for you!!!!!

Missing You by Robert Cotter

By the end, even

the slower songs have lit a

fire inside of you.

Note: Very Good Soul Flutes.

a softer focus by Claire Rousay

Interstitial tunes:

soft, shifting–alien and

deeply domestic.

LAC 042 Cantos Oscuros by Little Axe Records

An eclectic mix

of tunes equally soulful

yet variable.

S/T by Sosena Gebre Eyesus

Her soothing voice and

the calm, buzzing begena

lead my mind to rest.

Layla by Kooshin

Bongos and kaban

support gorgeous melodies:


Seacide by Hiiragi Fukada

An electronic

sea: noisy, mechanical

to soft, melodic.

Challenge for a Civilized Society by Unwound

Every record by

them is their best record, while

you are listening.

Pure Phase by Spiritualized

Reissue pre-order! Drops June 11th!

When the springscape is

quite lush green in contrast to

the overcast sky!

Juillet by En Attendant Ana

The wild beauty here

is vast, and I cannot stop

flipping it over.

Turn My Dial: The M Squared Recordings and More, 1981-84 by Tangled Shoelaces

Perfect music for

this verdant, overcast, and

introspective day.

An Old Backpack by Big Liquid (no public link yet)

A mystery is

uncovered, increasing in

its vast majesty.

Luke Stewart/Patrick Shiroishi

Two of our greatest

play with space, echo, feedback:

inspiring solos.

Simultaneous Systems by Landon Caldwell and Flower Head Ensemble

Lines between improv

and composition collapse:

they were always false.

Bright Green Field by Squid

One of last year’s most

exciting new bands drop a

ripping first full length!!!!

Contemporary Movement by Duster

This band will always

connect me to something sad,

youthful, and infinite.

ANRMAL by Juana Molina

Juana Molina,

please perform for us in the

States A.S.A.P.!!!!

More Energy Fields, Current by Carlos Niño & Friends

My day shall be greatly

enhanced by having begun

with two rotations.

FS100 by Tender Crust

Excellent label

drops its hundredth release: no

surprise here–gorgeous.

(Spoiler Alert: After my Trouble in Mind Records label guide is done being edited, Full Spectrum is the next thing I am writing about! Dropping in June.)

Transient Seclusion by C. Lavender

Anxious thoughts build ’til

smashed by frequencies, they fall


Mora! I & II by Francisco Mora Catlett

Glad I had this on

when something went wrong: no rage

can override this!

Stay Indoors and Swim by Ki Oni

Bath Bae is always

happy to locate new sounds

for indoor swimming.

If you do not find anything to love there (???), you can also peep my reccos from FebruaryMarch, and April, which contain plenty of preorders and things like that.


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