Spring 2021//knocking on doors, condensing mysteries

For once, and entirely unintentionally, I have actually only included songs which are all streaming on one platform, so I was able to make this into a playlist for anyone to hear without digitizing it this time. It is available on both Currents.FM and Apple Music. Might still digitize later, so you can hear which of these tunes I have been listening to forever through the scratchiness of the hard, decaying, many-times-rotated medium.

The last month has been really difficult, as the time around my birthday is consistently a time of year that my complex PTSD is very intense. I also forgot when I quit drinking and smoking over a month and a half ago that I was about to be deep inside the most treacherous season of my PTSD without any of these ways I usually cope with it. I was surviving, but not getting a lot done, and I was really losing all interest in music and writing. I was struggling to come up with a theme or sequence of songs I felt passionate about for my spring mixtape and getting anxious not hearing back from the artist my next piece for Bandcamp is on. But, then, I received a lovely transmission from someone saying they love my writing and music compilations and that they are also sober and have been for many years now! This message was really bolstering and made me want to begin composing mixtapes and musical haiku essays and Bandcamp articles immediately. This person lives on Tape Deck Mountain like me, so I decided they would be the recipient of the hard copy of my spring mixtape. This one is for Lori, but I hope it is helpful and enjoyable to any ears it reaches.


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