Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: April 2021

In 2021, I have been blessed with a birthday/Bandcamp Friday collab. Today is April Genius Day and I am 34, the perfect age to sing my favorite Flin Flon song, at long last!!!! Hopefully, I will not go through another of the housing crises that made it so very important to me, but who am I kidding? At least this time, when disaster strikes, I will be….thirty fouuuuuurrr!!! THIRTY FOUUUUUUR! I, in fact, have been dealing with insane neighbor drama all week; the universe knows it is finally time for me to be 34. Bang that one for my 34 difficult years this morning, please.

Then check out the music I gathered for us this month…

Not So Deep as a Well by Myriam Gendron

Hot tip from Marc Masters on this one. Thanks! Inspired me to also acquire the Best of Dorothy Parker.

Early spring mornings

much complimented by these

warm and welcome songs.

A Body Full of Tears by Shoeb Ahmad

Thanks to the artist for sending these tunes my way!

Gorgeous tones, voices–

sort of mystical: dark, deep,

but necessary.

Realignment by Shoeb Ahmad

Can artists always

be remixed by those they

most love to hear from?

Circulating” by Jeff Zeigler

A song so pretty

Bandcamp must offer us all

a repeat function.

“Original Face” by Diane Cluck

a new sonic zone
but always quite compelling,
like all she creates

The Manhattan Project – Live in New York by Nuke Watch

So interesting…

how sound can re-center us

to hear messages.

frozen iguanas, bless their hearts by J. Hamilton Isaacs

Thank you to the artist for sending me this rad tape, giving me another Very Good Mail Day!

I don’t even know

why exactly; I just need

to keep listening.

Sketches for World of Echo: June 25 1984 Live at Ei by Arthur Russell

I will always want

to hear every single

blessed iteration.

The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits by The Space Lady

Breaking my own rule and making a comparison, but only because it is TOO ACCURATE, and I love both of these artists very much.

If Whitney Johnson

and Moondog covered pop songs:


Im Sinne der Zeit by Klaus Johann Grobe

Trouble in Mind sent me a huge box of LPs. I cannot even lay them all out flat on my queen size bed. This is the first one I loved.

Perfect soundtrack for

rocking out in my kitchen

on this cold evening.

Do the Duvet by Naked Roommate

Had to break my rule

and listen to bass after

9pm for this!!!

Dias Raros by Melenas (Reissue)

Trouble in Mind just pressed this one a second time for all of us!

Let it be stated:

rock music needs more harmonies,

keys, and wild beauty.

(Fortunately, this one has it all!)

Furaha Wenye Gita by George Mukabi

Mukabi invented a solo guitar technique in which he played melody, rhythm, and bass with two hands on one guitar.

The title translates to:

“Happiness with Guitar,” and

that is what you get!

Guitar Music of Western Kenya: 45s from the Archive of Shem Tupe by Shem Tupe, Justo Osala, and Enos Okala

Might just spend the spring

dancing in the garden to

African guitar.

Edo Funk Explosion, Vol. 1 by Various Artists

I dare you to try

to be an angry, stressed mess

while tuned into this.

Sem Nostalgia (2021 Repress) by Lucas Santtana

Music for the shifts

between sun and shade: warm, cold

blowing wind, open air.

Take One by Hallelujah Chicken Run Band

Come hear the birth of Chimurenga (‘struggle’), the sound of the Zimbabwean struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

The revolution

has rarely sounded so, so

bright, clear, obvious.

La Locura de Machuca: 1975-1980 by Various Artists

Psychedelic swirl:

fusing Colombian and

African rhythms.

Fundo De Marê Palinha (Limited Dance Edition) by Voz di Sanicolau

Rarely do we get

to hear women on these old

world records: a treat.

(A groundbreaking, prioneering TREAT!)

Karate by Karate

Karate now streaming on Bandcamp for the first time!!! Very exciting, both because it is excellent and because now I get to re-post my haiku about this from my deep dive into 90s Boston sounds at the beginning of the year.

OH MY! Walden Pond’s

never ever sounded so

extremely sexy.

Let’s Skip the Details by My Dad is Dead

This record helped me through the past couple months of Very Bad Moods so much, and I was happy to see a lot of additions made to the My Dad is Dead catalog on Bandcamp just before Bandcamp Day!

Possibly the best

music for bad moods I’ve found–

makes me sing again.

Note: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on April 2, 1987 and I like to imagine the initial sketches of these songs were being drafted and rehearsed down the street as I was brought home from Fairview Hospital, born with rock and roll hair and ready to fight.

Please also check out my recommendations from February and March.


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