Bandcamp Day Reccos feat. Very Good Haiku: March 2021

What an incredible month for music!!! Let’s go, let’s gooooooooooo…

Jackson Ryland – A Million Questions

A natural field

comes to life vividly to

show us how it works.

Matchess – Huizkol

By the end of this,

everything is pulsing

and flowing in me.

Sankara Future Dub Resurgence – S/T

A dub portal from

ancestral struggle to the

work for us here now.

Sunday is still a holy day in my spiritual life as a person who worships at the altar of freedom and this is very good Freedom Music.

Sankara Future Dub Resurgence – Anarchist Africa::When Visions Fall From Sky

Dubbed out reminder:

collective autonomy

was most of the past.

Trance-inducing dub to bring you back to source and liberate you from the default settings of society.

African Head Charge – Songs of Praise

Very Groovy Church!

Would go anytime, healing

through sonic praises.

Delightfully psychedelic dub infused with religious chants. Considered by many to be the greatest masterpiece from African Head Charge.

Nightshift – Zöe

The tension of the

world, its course of history:

anarchic rumblings!

This whole thing is an incredible movement from an urban mindset (“Spray Paint the Bridge”) into a forest of sound and philosophy I would like to be wandering through for the rest of the day, but “Outta Space” has quickly made itself the place I am the most excited to return to with each rotation.


Virginia Wing – Measures of Joy

Recommended if

you always wanted Broadcast

to hit us harder!

Virginia Wing – Private Life

Gorgeous harmonies

soaring o’er electronic

woods of pop and noise.

BIRD SINGING!!! Queen of Birds approves!!!

Brian Case – Practice Tape

Archaic structures–

prisons, factories– E N G U L F E D,

recycled in sound.

Lifeguard – “Receiver” b/w “Sun Ra Jane”

Lifeguard make it clear

they are the best teen rock band


I interviewed Lifeguard to promote this release, but they didn’t need my help! It sold out well in advance of its release date. 🙂

Lifeguard – Dive

The best bands of the

times run us out of free spins

before Bandcamp Day.

Editrix – Tell Me I’m Bad

This one grooves AND rips!!!!

Dips and rips between sections

and riffs so damn swift.

Dead Moon – Stranded in the Mystery Zone

Perfect rock and roll

for people who don’t kiss ass,

work hard, love harder.

Opposite Sex – High Drama

Quite an insane ride!!!

New Zealand is killing it!!!

Bluesy no wavers???????????????

Landon Caldwell – Deep Strand

Best Dog Dream Music!!!

Best Music for Human Tears!!!

Deepest resonance.

Spiritualized – Lazer Guided Melodies

Makes me want to run

slowly, with pleasure and joy

in being alive.

Note: I completely hate running, so this is really a huge deal. They also make me want to stretch, which I have not done since the beginning of quarantine, basically.

Marsha Fisher – New Ruins

A calming movement

in which beauty is mundane

and ubiquitous.

Lucy Liyou – Practice

The intimacy

of family across noise,

distance–even death.

Background Noise Ensemble – Metal Lake Reservoir

Full Spectrum remains

a unique purveyor of

true experiments!

Writhing Squares – Chart for the Solution

Noisy grooves and F L U T E S!!!!

Wildly unhinged, quite a spin–

nothing quite like this.

This one really freaks out my dog; she has no idea what she is looking for, but she won’t stop! The chart for “the solution” can only be experienced aurally, Lucy!!!! Perhaps she is charting her own solution, which would make sense, as this is very anarchic music. Very Good Month for anarchic music!!!

Nondimension – Scrawls of Social Distance

All my animals

foraging through space tonight

for every sound.

Dax Pierson – Nerve Bumps: A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction

I haven’t jacked my

body this hard in so long

but it goes deeper.


Eartheater – Phoenix: La Petite Mort Édition

Makes stunning records!!!

Reworks them into even

more stunning records!!!!!

FACS – Present Tense

Present war landscape:

quarantine’s search and rescue

mission through music.

Note: This album is really dark, but it feels like an imperative investigation of the immediate darkness we have been living through–search lights into the wilderness of quarantine, locating remaining signs of life, taking account of the dead, posing important questions, and insisting on the quest to “make it mean something.”

Andrew Weathers & Hayden Pedigo – Big Tex, Here We Come

West Texas highways:

open, endless, liminal

the world passing by.

The greatest indicator of my aging is possibly how much I enjoy solo or DUO guitar records nowadays.


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