Winter 2021//on my hill, I wait for wind

This mix was crafted for my friend, Glenna Jean Fitch, who I have not seen in years.

This is a mixtape for a pandemic winter! It contains themes about the new year, windows, play with ideas of inside and outside, loss, loneliness, isolation, grief, death, civilization being at a crossroads, nature, seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time, economic and emotional depression, waiting for difficult things to change (I managed to make PJ Harvey’s “Fountain” about waiting for the pandemic/Trump’s presidency to be over and I am really proud of that), patience, things being better eventually…oh, and I used both the opening and closing tracks from Tracy and the Plastics’ Culture for Pigeon as a frame for this, as it is a record Glenna and I both liked as younger people slowly getting more into dance music (how we eventually met) and also very perfect for the mood of the present moment I was documenting.

Interestingly, this mixtape helped me get my first assignment at Bandcamp reviewing the 20th anniversary reissue of Mary Timony’s Mountains, so thanks mixtapes! Also, while “Palimpsest” is technically by Bill Callahan, it was created under the Smog moniker.

You can stream or download it for free on Currents.FM or at this link.


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