Music Review: Debby Friday – Bitchpunk (Self-released, March 2018) & Death Drive (Deathbomb Arc, August 2019)

Debby Friday here to remind you to stay up.

Debby Friday describes her music as “thunder.” I really like this description; it really beats out “So hard and so Woman and black” as a way of describing her music, as some Bandcamp reviewer did. I mean…it definitely comes across in her music that Debby Friday is very much an unapologetic and empowered Black woman in a world that does not generally react kindly to that at all, and that she doesn’t give a fuck if you like it or not, but is this what we can say: hard, woman, Black? Furthermore, Debby Friday’s Bitchpunk is listed as both punk/rock and electronic/experimental and I am extremely confused about why rap is not listed as something that is also happening here immediately from the very beginning.

I consider myself an experimentalist. If I discover something I find interesting, I’ll most likely take it up and see what I can do with it.”

Debby Friday, speaking to Loud & Quiet

I only recently discovered thee new Raw Power of Debby Friday via Bitchpunk, but fortunately, rap has been added as one of the very many things she is doing in her music on her latest, Death Drive, which you can order on cassette or buy digitally on Bandcamp. I think the most important thing to say about Debby Friday is that she is here to tell you exactly what you need to know about her, so in this instance, I am just going to request that you listen.

Please enjoy this video of my dog looking for the orgasmic noise of Debby Friday while I was writing and listening.


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