Music Review: Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East

Angel Bat Dawid, one of the most interesting musicians in the country right now, brings us a special bundle including the book about running a DIY venue in London which inspired the music and a broadsheet screed connecting that text to these songs and Chicago’s own history of DIY spaces on the south side where members of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s did their work.

If you want you can just pick up the new 7″ from Angel Bat Dawid and friends; the songs are really transcendent and compelling. What I did, though–and what I am recommending you also do–is purchase the bundle which comes with a copy of Make Some Space by Emma Warren, chronicling the history of the Total Refreshment Centre in London, and a broadsheet screed pushing forward the connections between the other art objects, written by Piotr Orlov. Limited edition of 333.

You can hear the songs here.


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