Fuck, Now I Will Always Associate the Total Endurance and Transcendance of “Hallogallo” With Rod Blagojevich Jogging

Me sucking in my COVID19 pandemic fashion mask because I cannot believe Rod Blagojevich just captured the beauty of me listening to Neu! alone in the wild while walking a pup, in my natural element.

Okay, it happened right next to what I knew was his house. But can you imagine? I was just blasting “Hallogallo” by Neu! on my JBL Clip while walking this excellent pup you see here, and this old, feeble man (who is also a criminal ex-governor who was just released from prison early by our currently sitting Moron-in-Chief) just goes ever so slowly by staring at me and this wild music I was blasting for a solid twenty seconds before I realized who he was. And you know what? I do not know what struck him more: these very dank huge pink sunglasses I got at a thrift store; the fact that I am an otherwise attractive younger woman who wears shapeless and formless clothing and no bra because she walks dogs in shitty weather a lot of the time, yet still moves through space like it absolutely belongs to her; or that I was playing the absolute perfect music for quests of endurance and transcendance, which this extremely out of shape old crook jogging definitely is. The whole episode was completely surreal, and now this excellent song will always remind me of the day me and Rod Blagojevich locked eyes in the wild and I was so fortunate to have these huge pink sunglasses on to protect my soul.

Seriously, though, if I was ever going to become really ambitious in the realm of physical activity/suffering on levels ranging from running anywhere at all to biking in the Tour de France, I would absolutely listen to krautrock the whole time: endurance music.


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